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Are You Buying?

Allow Real Choice Real Estate, Inc. to help you understand the process every step of the way.

    1.    Pre-Approval: If you would like to own your own home, and you need to borrow money to do so, the first step is to find out how much  home you can afford. I help my clients find the right lender for their unique situation.

           Situations include but are not limited to:

    • Veterans Buying homes

    • First time home buyers

    • LHOP (Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership) Buyers

    • Buyers with damaged credit

    • Buyers with a low down payment

    • Buyers who need to sell their existing home to purchase their next home

    • Buyers with a bankruptcy in their past

    • Buyers desiring high end properties

 Pre-approval means you WILL get the mortgage loan for the home you want to buy provided the home is within your pre-approved price  range.  At your pre-approval meeting with the lender, you will  be given a "Good Faith Estimate" of all of your closing costs associated with the purchase of a home. This will help you understand all of the closing costs and how much money you will need to have at settlement.

    2.   Let's go Home Shopping: After you are pre-approved with a lender, now the fun begins. Now we start looking at homes. We will look at all homes within your pre-approved price range, that match the description you provide me with, until you find the home you desire.

    3.   Making The Offer: Once you find the home you desire, we will discuss structuring your offer so you have the best chance of having your offer accepted. In addition, we will discuss your options to have various inspections done to the home to make sure you aren't buying a home with problems.

    4.   Under Agreement: Once the seller and buyer agree in writing to all of the terms of the written offer, you are "Under Agreement", and no one else can buy the home out from under you.  Now the appraisal and inspections must be done.

    5.   Appraisal & Inspections: Most offers contain the buyers and/or lender's election to perform an appraisal and one or more inspections.  Once these are done, and any necessary repairs are completed, we are on our way to settlement.

    6.   Hazard Insurance & Title Insurance: Prior to settlement, your lender will require you to purchase a title insurance policy and a one year hazard insurance (fire insurance) policy for your new home.  You will need to bring proof of your hazard insurance policy to settlement.  The title company or attorney's office we choose to hold settlement, will provide the Title Insurance Policy. (These policy fee's will be your original "Good Faith Estimate" provided by the lender.)

    7.   Settlement: After all of the terms of the agreement of sale have been fulfilled by the buyer and seller, the buyer and seller will meet at a title company or attorney's office and the settlement will take place. At settlement, all necessary documents are signed to transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.

    8.   Congratulations on your new home: Once all of the paperwork has been signed at settlement, and the deed and keys are given to the buyer, the buyer becomes the proud owner of the American Dream, their own home.

If you want an agent who will be patient with you, explain to you in detail the process of buying a home, and help to protect you through the entire home buying process, then contact us today!

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